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ID One Touch Finger print reader

Biometric Authentication

ID One Touch
Secure Login With ID One Touch.

The IDOneTouch reader offers an incredibly low-cost method for organisations who wish to incorporate secure biometric identification on their multi-function devices, without the need for staff to be issued with PIN numbers or ID cards. With only one touch you will logon into the device. Easy and Simple!!!.


    IDOneTouch reader, is a USB Biometric terminal that allow to identify users on MFD’s.


  • Secure Authentication
  • Ultra-small
  • Allow to place easily the terminal in the MFD
  • Allow users to register their self's
  • Connect directly on the MFD
  • No additional Ethernet connection
  • No additional power
  • Features

  • Base reader (USB only)
  • Finger auto detection
  • Self-registration process
  • Display with animations
  • Advanced reader (USB & Wi-Fi)
  • Self-registration or back office registration
  • Random ID (unique ID per user)
  • Auto Sync templates
  • Auto delete templates
  • Ethernet reader (TCP/IP connection)
  • Fast release (for printers)
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