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Product Support

Our team effectively becomes an extension of your technical team!

Our SUPPORT+ offering provides a turn-key service that allows our Authorised Resellers to have
their end customer deployments & support delivered by our experienced and certified team of

The benefits of SUPPORT+ / INSTALL+ to the Resellers and end customers include: 

  • Access to highly skilled technical resources for support
  • The extension and augmentation of the Reseller’s internal resources to aid in delivering first class support and optional installation services  
  • Mitigates Reseller’s risk and overhead of having to employ expensive, highly skilled technical resources  
  • SUPPORT+ resources are kept up to date and certified on all supported solutions
  • SUPPORT+ resources have worked in all market verticals and have broad, in-depth IT knowledge and experience.  
  • SUPPORT+ resources have both enterprise and small business experience.

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