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Fully featured print management

PaperCut MF allows organisations to track, control and optionally charge for the printing and copying performed by users. The implementation of a solution reduces paper and toner waste, cuts costs, reduces the impact of your organisation’s paper output on the environment and makes both users and departments more accountable.


Solutions for your Industry

See the power of PaperCut print management for your organization. Big or small, we can help you get a handle on printing for staff, students, faculties, projects and departments.

Reduce waste and save money for your business

PaperCut makes it easier for staff to print documents when and where they need them.

Manage student and staff printing

PaperCut makes it easier for staff to print documents when and where they need them.

Charge back client costs

Cost recovery solutions for professionals. PaperCut is the easiest, most comprehensive way to manage and recover print costs.

 Modern multifunctional print/copy devices (MFDs) are smarter - equipped with touch screens & most often have the ability to run embedded software directly on the device itself. This dynamic technology has allowed us to introduce our popular Print Management Software into the office space to track & manage Print, Copy, Fax & Scan. PaperCut MF remains vendor agnostic, continuing to support all operating systems and most MFD vendors. Use PIN, Access Card or Biometric technology to authenticate users and/or charge for photocopies, printing & scanning requirements within your organization. Cost-effective & easy to use software driven solution - PaperCut MF - caters for small, medium and large sized educational, commercial, legal and accounting firms. Secure release of print jobs/copies using on-board embedded solutions or external cPAD terminals for legacy or unsupported MFD devices.

Should you be interested in PaperCut, be advised that we are the Authorized Solutions Centre ( ASC ) for Sub Saharan Africa and principally work through a reseller channel to ensure we provide you the best service & support possible.

Peter Plank.

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Peter Plank

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